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We are so flippant with these 26 letters we use daily and take them for granted as a matter of course. But, already, those 26 letters we use for everyday writing, are actually 26 in one script for the lowercase and 26 in another for the uppercase as our lowercase derived directly from the Half Uncial and the uppercase from the Roman Imperial Capitals. So where did these two scripts come from, what do they look like and how did they come to influence the letters we use for our everyday handwriting?

The main focus will be the calligraphic scripts of the Romans, through manuscripts from the 4th century to the cartularies of the English 18th century written by the English Writing Masters and onwards to the Golden Age of American Penmanship. I will then cover contemporary calligraphy with ruling pens and will touch on the development of Modern Calligraphy and its influences today. 

This is a lecture for anyone interested in learning not only where our handwriting comes from, but also for those interested in gaining an understanding of the wealth of traditional scripts we have available to us in the historical calligraphic record.

Most events are for all levels, if it is not suitable for beginners you will be made aware of this. This does not mean beginners will not benefit but they will find it difficult to keep up with what is being taught. 

Lectures are for all levels as well as for non-calligraphers. 

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3500 years of the western alphabet