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Breathing is the key to all writing. It is what generates even letterforms and good spacing. Similarly, meditation is centred around breathing and being present. In my practise I have found these two things, calligraphy and meditation, to be one and the same. 

In this series I will teach you how to approach your practise from a meditative perspective balancing both conscious and unconscious strokes. We will begin with using pencils as the focal tool for the writing and over the coming weeks move to more complex tools. 

These are simply practise sessions where it is more about the lines and shapes. The writing of words, sentences, paragraphs and blocks of texts will come much later in later advanced group sessions made up of those who have mastered the basics of both pencil and pen meditations. 

The aim of the practise is to help you connect deeper and more profoundly with this wonderful craft which calls to us. 

These sessions are for every level of practitioner and you don't need to be a calligrapher as we will always start with pencils. 

Calligraphy & Meditation

  Calligraphy & Meditation
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calligraphy and meditation

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