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One of the most controversial topics to discuss is flourishing. In my research over the years, I have changed my description of flourishing as there is much confusion as to what constitutes a flourish and is decoration also flourishing or a form of flourishing? Where does one draw the line in developing and sticking to a meaning or does that interpretation change and require a little more flexibility?

This is where I decided to limit myself to pen made flourishes as this pertains more to the tool used to write the letters and how the flourish is linked to the letter writing and possibly used to execute the accompanying flourish. This opens up a wealth of study but also allows a more contained approach to the overall meaning and boundaries of this question of flourishing.

In my research, I have found that simple line extensions found in Capitalis Actuaria or Rustics, can also act as flourishes as they add a level of embellishment to the letter, line or block of text. 

We will look at flourishes throughout the western calligraphic period and see the breadth of what can be considered a flourish, how it might have been executed and how to attempt it today.

As this lecture is the precursor to my Geometric Flourishing Workshop on Sunday, I will also look at why I decided to develop something so rigid and prescriptive, but we will also consider how that rigidity can easily expand into something more forgiving and decorative.

If you like flourishes and want to add more shapes to your arsenal of embellishments, or if you want an understanding of flourishes simply to be able to look at your flourishes in a more exacting way, this lecture is for you!

Flourishing Lecture

  Flourishing Lecture
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