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For most people, flourishing is either something that is just an addendum to the writing and so some weak lines are added, or for others, it is the crux of the piece because the flourishes hide the mistakes in the lettering. I have spent a lifetime looking at flourishes throughout our calligraphic history and I can assure you flourishes, like letters, should be taught as a separate course in and of itself. 

I had so many people ask me how I make flourishes look so easy and what the trick were, and I can categorically state, there are no tricks. Good flourishes come from an understanding of balance and once again I looked to geometry to devise a good and accurate system that will not only help you to flourish beautifully, but will give you a framework so you can look at the flourishes giving you problems and understand where you are going wrong with the lines.

My geometric approach to flourishing is a system I developed out of my 4Fold Symmetry, which I invented to stabilise Copperplate Script. It is more complex in flourishing as you would expect but it greatly improves your ability to see issues before the arise.

This is a class for anyone but it will really benefit those with good tool control. I will use a 4B pencil as the base for the study but in the last hour for the second day we will look at applications with pointed flexible nibs, broad edged nibs and brush pens.

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flourishing workshop

flourishing workshop