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Calligraphers are always drawn to finding ways to decorate the text they are writing. The tendency is to extend ascenders and/or descenders, embellish the capitals by appended flourishes or doubling up stokes, or simply to add line work in the form of flourishing at the top, bottom, side or all around the text, but there is another way we can augment the text in a decorative way which can be really understated but still packs a punch and that is by using ligatures to connect letters IN the text.

The most common ligatures are the &, ch, ct, st, sh joins and it is for here we will start building our database of more complex ligatures. In my research looking at the English Roundhand from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries I have come across a wealth of ligatures, many more than I had thought existed, some very simple and surprising to others so complex and convoluted that they boggle the mind. 

Come join me on this fun and exciting course which will make you laugh at the surprising join or just stare in dropped-jaw dumbfoundedness at the inventiveness of the English Roundhand period. 

Needless to say, this is a pencil and pointed nib course, a good command of the both tools is essential. The preference is that of a 4B pencil and a straight rather than an oblique holder. 

Ligatures lecture

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