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The aim of the approach is the give you a set of capitals which can be used with pencil practise for layouts or final work. My hope is that you will use these to developed small caps which will assist you with cleaner, clearer and more accurate caps for additions to your pointed nib, small broad edged nib or small brush lettering work.

The bundle instructs you with the use of illustrations and videos on tool hold, directional movements, constant pressure and pressure and release strokes with alphabets both standing upright and at a 55° slant. It is this teaching of how to take a vertical axial line at 90° now tilted to 55° which is the crux of the study in this pdf. The pdf also includes numerous types of grids to help you move from writing in squares, to horizontal lines and then to take you down from 6mm to 3mm, as this is usually the size most post or zip codes are usually written at.

Learning to execute the caps with a pencil really informs your approach with pen and ink. It teaches you to slow down and to pace yourself in the writing of the exercises, shapes and eventual letterforms. The example page also gives you a real look into the potential uses of the letters learned in the pdf.

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